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Dining Tables

Are you interested in entertaining guests, holding formal functions or simply enjoying meals with the whole family? The specialists at Bay Gallery Furniture have a wide range of stylish dining tables to suit any occasion. Our tables are hand made using the highest quality materials and are designed to last through decades of regular use. No component requires more than a single assembly step to follow, meaning you can save money on shipping without having to spend hours working out complex flat-pack instructions.

Recommended Options

For a distinguished and traditional look, our experts recommend the Berrimar 12 seater dining table and chairs. This perfectly crafted 12 seater table is hand made from recycled timber yet retains a classic simple shape that looks great with full linens for a formal occasion. The design of the chair backs lends itself extremely well to chair covers, tie-on cushions, and other décor accessories.

For a more modern and casual chic look, we recommend the Leura. This 10 seater dining table is available in a distressed white timber finish or an elegant and sophisticated metallic finish (paired with metal rather than timber chairs). The style is perfect for a compact and cosy kitchen or dining area. The steel chairs are especially easy to clean and are somewhat lower maintenance than their timber counterparts.

Enquire Today

At Bay Gallery Furniture, we welcome enquiries about any of our dining tables. Our specialists are happy to answer product specification queries or provide advice on custom orders should you not find exactly what you’re looking for. You can contact us directly by calling us on (02) 8071 4360 or sending an email to [email protected].