Keeping your outdoor furniture looking new and clean is a top priority, but it can be difficult to manage. With birds flying overhead and unpredictable weather, not to mention other lifestyle factors such as messy kids, it’s hard to say just where damage might come from. Even furniture that’s kept undercover is subject to weather conditions, such as dirt and grime that gets carried in by wind. Protecting your furniture from these dangers is the key to prolonging its life so you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come and keep it looking elegant, sophisticated and stylish.

Our Range

Bay Gallery Furniture stocks a wide selection of solutions to the problems presented by outdoor environments. When not in use, our specialists recommend covering outdoor living furniture with one of our weather covers. We also supply fabric guards and furniture oil to further protect your items, as well as cleaning products for when you need to replenish your garden or deck furniture to its former sophisticated appearance.

Read more about our products online to find the right option for your furniture, or contact the Bay Gallery Furniture family on (02) 8071 4360 with any questions you might have about our fabric guards, stone sealers or any other products.