Poly-cement Furniture

Simple and Stylish Cement Outdoor Furniture

At Bay Gallery Furniture, we have a fantastic collection of cement outdoor furniture for customers to choose from. You’re sure to be impressed by the breathtaking beauty, exceptional strength and high sustainability of these items. We stock cement dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, benches and more to suit garden, patio, pool side and alfresco areas. Our sets are known for their premium quality and can be delivered to your property Australia wide.

Caring For Your Cement Furniture

As a porous material, concrete is susceptible to staining and other types of damage if improperly maintained and cared for. We recommend following these guidelines if you want to extend the longevity and preserve the warranty of your cement outdoor furniture:

  • Avoid prolonged contact with overly caustic substances
  • Avoid cutting or using hot pans directly on the surface
  • Clean spills up as soon as possible using mild soap and water

For general day-to-day cleaning, we suggest spraying the furniture with water followed by a solution consisting of 1 part bleach with 2 parts water. Let this rest for 5 minutes before spraying it off with a garden hose. We also recommend not trying to move the furniture to a new position. The weight and size can make this difficult with fewer than 4 people, increasing the risk of damage.

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Bay Gallery Furniture is proud to offer cement outdoor furniture pieces that are second to none. Visit us and shop instore at one of our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane showrooms. Alternatively, you can browse our range and make a purchase online. Contact us to learn more about the products we have available to buy.