Vintage Furniture

The vintage look doesn’t have to be thrown together with a bunch of items found in second hand stores and flea markets. With Bay Gallery’s stylish range of vintage furniture, you can create a cohesive style without losing the warm and classic vintage feel.

Pairing Furniture

Pairing vintage furniture to create a sophisticated and elegant look that flows throughout a room or house can seem challenging, but it all comes down to the dressings. Vintage furniture often looks best a little mismatched, which can make it difficult to pull this look together. Using vintage pieces of a similar style, shape or material is one way to achieve this, while adding various floral patterns and accessories can also complete a room.

Buy Vintage Furniture Online Today

Buying stylish vintage furniture from Bay Gallery Furniture means you can buy pieces that loosely match while maintaining the appealing discord that epitomises the vintage style. Visit one of our showrooms to find out how to recreate this look in your home, place an order online, or speak to our furniture specialists to get started.