Rustic Furniture

Rustic inspired furniture includes pieces that bring to mind images of barns and an older style of living. The experts at Bay Gallery stock a great range of classic rustic furniture with functional designs – discover our range online today.

How to Choose Rustic Pieces

Sometimes a single and sophisticated rustic item of furniture can have more impact than trying to redo an entire house or room. Redecorating on a larger scale can leave one or two of your favourite items looking out of place. Consider instead finding a stylish rustic piece that suits your existing look.

Think about colour. Our range has splashes of colour to suit a neutral or monochrome room, or an eclectic style. The colour and type of wood can also have an impact. Decide whether you want a type of wood that stands out and draws attention, or one that’s elegant and can blend in a bit more.

For more inspiration, head to one of Bay Gallery’s showrooms or get in touch with our specialists. Or if you’ve already made your decision, place an order online today!